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Mountain Biking Hatta in Dubai

  1. Terrain Features and main attractions
  2. Popular routes for cyclists
  3. Conditions for renting bicycles and scooters
  4. Feedback from visitors to the Cycling Center

Cycling enthusiasts can enjoy the benefits of special routes at the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre. A mountain biking center is located in the resort area of Hatta, 115 km from Dubai (UAE).
Hatta is located at an altitude of 300 m above sea level at the foot of the Al-Hajar Mountain, in the very center of the Hajar mountain range. This area is famous for its mild climate, clear lakes, clean mountain air, hard-to-reach peaks, and a deep canyon.

You can get to the cycling center by car along the track.

Terrain Features and main attractions

Tourists come to Hatta to be acquainted with the historical past of the Emirates, to see watchtowers built in the 18th century, to admire the amazing mountain scenery. The village of Hatta is over 200 years old.
In the center of the ancient Arab village stands the Juma Mosque, built in 1780.
In Hatta you can see local rites. Tourists can attend a traditional wedding, watch local dances.
An ancient fort is located in the center of Hatta. The restoration of the fort was recently completed. In a building is the local ethnographic museum. Here you can see ancient weapons, household items, folk art products, jewelry.


Popular routes for cyclists

The Mountain Biking Center has developed routes of four levels of difficulty.

Green routes are for beginners. From these routes, you need to be acquainted with the mountains. Professionals can ride with drive on black routes.
The blue and red trails are for cyclists with little experience. The arrows on the routes indicate the direction of movement. The tracks are available for skiing all year round.

Before leaving for the route, you need to check the charge level on your phone and tell your friends, where you will ride. You need to take a map of the area, protective equipment, water, a pump and a tire repair kit with you. They are will come in handy, if the wheel breaks on the road.

How to rent a bike in Hatta Dubai?       

Our company provides professional mountain bikes so that you can ride the mountain slopes in Hatta Dubai. We will not only provide you with a bicycle, but also organize a transfer from the hotel to the cycling track and back. With us you don't have to worry about bikes breaking, as we always take a spare bike with us. If you are interested in a walk along the mountain trails of Hatta, write to us on WhatsApp whatsapp-256x256.png+971 52 845 5628, so that we can organize a trip for you, or you can make an order yourself by clicking on the button.

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Mountain bike

You can ski on the slopes around the clock. People come here to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets. Tired after the trip, travelers can spend the night at a local campsite.

Feedback from visitors to the Cycling Center

People come to Hatta in small groups or couples. Reviews left by visitors are always positive. Cyclists love this place for its beauty and comfortable trails.
Travelers liked the routes, picturesque mountain landscapes, oases, hidden in the canyon. Tourists noted that there are security guards in the park, who are responsible for safety on the routes. There are cameras on the tracks. They monitor the speed limit.
Visitors to the park say that you need to take documents with you. They will come in handy if you want to cross the border into Oman.