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Useful information for our partners

We have an offer for hotels and travel agencies. We hope that we will be able to find the most favorable conditions for you.

If you are interested in cooperation with us for the rent of bicycles and electric scooters, be sure to contact us.

Also if you are a representative of a hotel or a tour agency, then you may be interested in  engaging with us in the field of renting bicycles and electric scooters.

Our company provides bicycles to hotels for subsequent rental to hotel guests. At the same time, our company assumes full responsibility for the repair and maintenance of bicycles.

The income of the hotel in this case consists of 50% of the revenue.

We also offer travel agencies and other intermediaries to register a personal account on the website . This gives access to a wide range of bicycles and electric scooters of our company, with the ability to book hiring bicycles for tourists and Dubai guests.

The amount of agency's profit in this kind of coworking counts 10% of the order value.

For any information please contact us by phone +971 52 845 5628.

We will try our best to find the most advantageous conditions  for you. And of course, we will be pleased to offer you such conditions so that you will be as satisfied as possible with our joint work.