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Corniche Bike Track Abu Dhabi

Welcome to the beautiful Corniche Bike Track in Abu Dhabi, a scenic pathway that offers the perfect blend of breathtaking views and an exhilarating biking experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about this iconic destination.

Discovering the Corniche Promenade

What's the best time to ride?
The Corniche Bike Track is a fantastic place to explore at any time, but the magic truly unfolds during the evening. As the sun sets, the central Corniche seafront comes alive with vacationers. This is when you can witness the coastal cafes, impressive skyscrapers, enchanting fountains, and the pristine Blue Flag Quality beach.

What is worth seeing on the Abu Dhabi Corniche?
This 8-kilometer long promenade boasts several remarkable attractions along the way. We offer bicycles, scooters and electric scooters with delivery to the hotel, restaurant, train station and anywhere in the city Don't rush your bike ride; take your time to savor these highlights:

"Flying Swans" Fountain: A mesmerizing water feature that captivates with its grace.
"Coffee" Fountain
: An artistic water display that adds charm to your ride.
"Pearl" Fountain: A symbol of elegance and culture that's not to be missed.

singapore-august-flight-swans-sculpture-swan-lake-botanic-gardens-109813090(1)(1)(1).png 364be0a8320319c8749915fa317ae290.jpg Doha-at-night2.jpg

"Volcano" Fountain: An exciting spectacle that erupts with light and water.

AD-Worlds-Most-Amazing-Fountains-31(2)(1)(1).jpg AD-Worlds-Most-Amazing-Fountains-3.jpg


How to Get to the Beach?

Getting to the beach from the Corniche Bike Track is easy. Simply follow the promenade, and you'll reach the stunning coastline. Whether you want to take a dip in the azure waters or relax on the sandy shores, the beach is just a stone's throw away.

What is the cost to visit the Corniche/beach?

The Corniche Bike Track itself is free to access. However, keep in mind that there might be parking fees if you choose to drive to the location. As for the beach, public beaches along the Corniche are generally open to the public at no cost. However, some private beach clubs may charge an entry fee.

What is included in the SUP rental? 

Stand up paddleboard (SUP) rentals from the Corniche cycle path often include a surfboard, paddle and life jacket in their rental packages. Prices may vary depending on the length of the rental, but this is a fantastic way to explore the coastline from a different perspective.

In Conclusion

The Corniche Bike Track in Abu Dhabi offers a world of experiences, from the serene beauty of the seafront to the excitement of biking along the picturesque path. Whether you're a local or a tourist, this iconic location promises a great time for all. So, grab your bike, explore the Corniche, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

The main entrance to the Corniche promenade is on Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street. The opposite end is near the Hilton hotel. The seafront extends along the road of the same name.
Rent a single bike at one of the rental shops along the promenade. We hope you enjoy your time!

Plan your visit today and embark on a journey like no other!

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