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Bike rental and cycling on Love Lake

Our company provides bicycles and scooters so that you can enjoy a walk along the lakes of Al Qudra. Not only will we provide you with a bicycle, but we can also arrange transfers to and from Al Qudra. With us you don't have to worry about bikes breaking, as we always take a spare bike with us.

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We are located in the parking lot of the Al Qudra cycle track, also known as "Last exit Dubai"

4 hours: Aluminum bike — 75 AED, Electric scooter — 125 AED, Electric bike — 125 AED

...Since then, thousands of people have visited Love Lake Dubai. The lake is part of a complex of artificial lakes designed to mimic a natural habitat for birds, desert animals, and trees. The entire lake complex is called Al Qudra.
Located in the middle of a barren desert, Love Lake and the lush green surroundings provide an otherworldly appearance. When looking in any direction from Love Lake, the view is just an endless sea of sand, except for this particular spot. Love Lake is far from the bustling and densely-populated Dubai City, and it enjoys a peaceful atmosphere.

But why is it called Love Lake?

Love Lake is made up of two interlocking heart-shaped lakes, purposefully built to arouse curiosity and inspire visitors of all ages to express their love. The lakes cover an area of 550,000 square meters, and what better name to call it than Love Lake? Even the trees surrounding the lake spell out the word ‘Love.’ Every inch of the Love Lake complex is dedicated to love, making it one of the most romantic places in Dubai

About the Love Lake (Flamingo Lake) in Dubai

Dubai is a city with many world-famous landmarks. However, very few are aware that in the vicinity of the most populous city of the UAE, there are still many remarkable destinations to uncover. The hidden wonder in the Al Qudra area, Love Lake, belongs to one of them. This lake Dubai actually happens to consist of two intertwined heart-shaped lakes. It can easily be considered one of the most romantic places in the Emirates.

This man-made oasis in the heart of the desert genuinely astonishes you with the multiple activities you get to enjoy there. Besides being a magnificent place for nature observation and just a fun venue for barbecues and picnics, you may also have a splendid day jogging or riding a bicycle here. The area around this lake is home to one of the best cycling tracks in Dubai.

Things to do at Al-Qudra Love Lake

The lake makes a popular destination for strolls, both romantic and family ones. This remarkable spot covers an area of 550,000 square meters, so it is not surprising that you can see the location even from outer space. Still, if you desire to truly grasp its beauty, you should gaze at it from a height of at least 50 meters above the ground.

Besides the heart-shaped lakes alone, you can find thousands of plants, over 16,000 trees, as well as innumerable vibrant colorful flowerbeds that form a park around the lake. Some trees are arranged in the shape of the word Love. There are pathways paved around the entire body of water Love lake Dubai. Visitors arrive here to spend a pleasant time in nature and experience wildlife. For instance, arrange a picnic with some friends.


The lakes are a great place to take pictures, especially if you are a photographer, you have a chance to make some great shots here. More than 170 various and sometimes unique species of birds took a liking to the surroundings of the Love Lake Dubai. It is possible to observe waterfowl such as swans and ducks, colorful flamingos, and sometimes even see a bald eagle. Koi carp and goldfish are also found in the lake. So you can explore as much as you can with your family and loved ones near Heart Lake Dubai. Stroll to this artificial desert Oasis.

For all those who just like to admire the beauty of nature, be sure to bring some additional picnic chairs and snacks to appreciate the tranquil views that the lake offers. As the sun goes down, the tourist can further stroll to the shallow areas, and the waterways near love Lake Dubai, UAE. The heart-shaped lake and its surroundings are gorgeous at night.

Being located away from cities and lively highways, Love Lake Dubai gives the impression that the two intertwined hearts are an oasis in the midst of the desert. On top of that, the absence of bright city lights helps you admire the immaculate skies above the lake, especially when the sun sets behind the dunes. As it gets darker, you can see an infinite number of stars above your head. Furthermore, many couples in love come here to witness the sunset. Either morning or evening, stunning views of the Love Lake Dubai are guaranteed.

In addition to observing nature, you may also do sports near the lake. The park has three jogging paths with a total length of 7 kilometers. These running tracks are illuminated in the dark, so the park is suitable for running even after sunset. It is also possible to ride a bicycle on the paved tracks near the Love Lake Dubai designated for this purpose.

Facilities available at Love Lake Dubai

A wooden plaque near the entrance engraves a map of the lake and the park, on which you will find all the attractions of the place. The park features an enclosed area, which is a comfortable picnic site with water sources, barbecue stands, toilets, and benches.

Regrettably, at this time there are no grocery outlets, restaurants, or hotels near Love Lake Dubai. So be sure to pack some food and water. However, there are several restrooms on the lake with all the necessary facilities.


Things that are allowed and forbidden at the Love Lake

Entry to the park is completely free. Keep in mind that it is significantly colder in winter in the deserts than in the cities. So dress accordingly. There are designated rules in the park near Al Qudra Lake in Dubai, which should not be violated. Certain things are simply not allowed to tourists and locals.

  • To operate a drone in the park, it is mandatory to acquire proper permission from the local government;
  • Do not feed fish and birds;
  • Picnics are only authorized in special places;
  • Do not wear high heels in some parts of the park;
  • Keep the park grounds clean or you may get a fine. There are many trash garbage cans for this purpose.

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How to Reach Al Qudra Love Lake?

The lake is located in the middle of the Seyh Al Salam Desert, 50 kilometers from Dubai, so it shouldn't take long to get there by car.

Do I need to buy tickets or pay some fee to visit the lakes?

You do not need a ticket or pay anything to enter the area.

What useful tips can be given to visitors before attending the park?

First of all, don't forget to take food and water if you plan to stay there for a long time. For your adventure to be perfect you will need a car to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

What are the opening hours of the park?

The park stays open all day long.

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