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Al Hudayriat Island

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  2. How to get to Al Hudayriat Island?
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Want to spend some time at the beach in Abu Dhabi? Gather your friends and plan a trip to Al Hudayriat Island. Beachgoers, sports enthusiasts, and families have quickly flocked to the 3,000-hectare island since it opened a few years ago. Have you heard about the archipelago and wondered what it has to offer? Here's what you need to know.

A quick guide to Al Hudayriat Island

Leisure activities are becoming increasingly popular on Al Hudayriat Island.
With the official opening of Al Hudayriat Island's first phase in 2018, the project has been in the works for a decade. Commercial attractions and housing for Emiratis will be built on the island as part of a new city development.

It is an extremely popular tourist attraction and a great place for locals to relax on weekends, as it is located at the end of the suspension bridge.

How to get to Al Hudayriat Island?

A little way across the water from Al Bateen Beach is Al Hudayriat Island, situated on the shores of Abu Dhabi. In order to get to the island, you can take the following routes from the city:
This beach getaway is easily accessible, regardless of whether you rent a home in the Saadiyat Beach Villas or live in an apartment in Mussafah.


Al Hudayriat Island Cycling

Al Hudayriat Island offers some of the best cycling tracks in Abu Dhabi. Cycling tracks run along both sides of the bridge. One loop measures 5 km in length, while the other is 10 km. Taking a bike ride along the seafront will provide you with scenic views along the way. Those who prefer a later start can also use the cycling track at night because it is well-lit. Besides the Etihad Towers, cyclists can also enjoy the magnificent Arabian Gulf views from the dedicated track.

Cycling enthusiasts and professionals tend to bring their own bicycles. In addition, Yas Cycles on Al Hudayriat Island offers visitors the opportunity to rent bicycles and helmets. Adults can rent bikes for AED 50 and children can rent bikes for AED 25.


Currently, no. It might be easier to get off the bridge before walking to the other side, which would take around 5 minutes.
On some days, I and my group cycle at 6am to get to the cycle tracks. Restaurants, cafes, restaurants, and the promenade have different hours.
Yes, of course. Through we never used it, that’s what I understood from the life guard who works there.
There is no need to book. The beach is in sections:
Couples area
Family area
Male area.
Loungers and canopy’s available in all areas.

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