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Bike rental at Al Qudra

Aluminum bike — 4 hours 75 AED

Full carbon — 4 hours 125 AED

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Bicycles are available all week from 05:00 to 22:00.
A shuttle service to and from the Al-Qudra Bike Path is available on request.

We are in the parking lot of the Al-Qudra bike trail, also known as the"Last Exit".

About the Al Qudra Cycle Track

Every cycling enthusiast must know that Dubai has built a huge special bike lane in the middle of the desert. This place is known as the Al Qudra bike path. The highway is 30 kilometers away from Dubai and the biggest problem is how to get there. However, despite this, every cycling enthusiast should take a bike ride here at least once.
Riding a bicycle on Dubai's highways is illegal. The police can stop you and at best warn you about the violation and ask you to leave the roadway, at worst - arrest and fine you. Cycling can be done in special parks in the city, such as the bike lanes along the entire Jumeirah Beach. On the other hand, on the highway in Motor City, where people ride cars and motorcycles. In the evening, this place is free for cyclists. Well, for those who are not satisfied with the beach routes, who need space, wind, speed and no pedestrians, a special Al Qudra bike route was built.

Al Qudra rent bike

Overview and routes

The Al Qudra Cycle Track is an 86 km long specialized cycling circuit consisting of unique track routes. The long track has one main lap and is divided into several routes. Each of the routes is flat and free of vehicles, which means riders can enjoy a safe ride. Beginners can ride route 1, which is a 50-kilometer loop. Routes 2 and 3 are more challenging and are ideal for more experienced amateur and professional cyclists. The fourth route runs right along Al Qudra Road.
The cycling path is not only famous for its long bike lanes, but also for the magnificent scenery that visitors enjoy during their journey. You'll admire the picturesque desert views and even encounter rare members of the local wildlife: antelopes and Arabian oryx. The track itself is surrounded by attractions such as Al Qudra Lake, where you can relax and watch beautiful black swans and flamingos.
When you drive towards the track, the first parking lot is 15 km from the start of the track. The bike path from this point to the knee looks like a straight road and is called the Stick. If you start there, time it and then do a full lap around the track for 50km, which is a total of 80km.

Al Qudra rent bike

The parking lot has a cafe and a store with sandwiches, fresh juices and coffee. In addition, there are two showers in the parking lot - men's and women's - where you can also change clothes.
The quality of the asphalt on the tracks is beyond praise. It rolls very smoothly. The accompanying landscape is surprisingly soothing: nothing but sand, dunes and not a single tree around. If you go clockwise, you will meet trees on the last 10 kilometers of the trail. At this time, rare oryx goats and infrequent cyclists will keep you company for a few hours. After 20km there are additional offshoots from the trail if you want to cover more than 50km.
There are only two sheltered benches for the entire distance - one in the middle of the lap and another 10km from the finish. There is no water.
If you ride in winter, you won't experience any heat problems. The ride is very comfortable. Only sometimes the wind can meet you while riding along the cycle path. The most amazing thing about this bike ride is the perfect silence in the desert. Not a single sound. After a noisy city you will realize that not only forests, meadows and seas, but also the Arabian Desert is the very realm of nature that can restore your mental strength and give you joy and peace.

BikePark rents out road bikes of the highest quality. Our bikes are made of carbon material and are therefore very light. All bikes are equipped with modern SHIMANO and SHIMANO ULTEGRA systems. We also rent mountain bikes, city bikes and touring bikes.IMANO ULTEGRA. Мы также арендуем горные, городские и гибридные велосипеды.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to Al-Qudra?

1. Take a cab.
The easiest way to get to Al Qudra is to take a cab. A cab ride from Marina Beach will cost you about AED 150. You can ask the cab driver to leave you his phone number and contact him after the bike ride to pick you back up at the right time. However, there is another way: you can ask other cyclists to join you on the way back. If you are alone or there are two of you, usually all the cyclists will agree and give you a ride.

2. Getting there by bus.
The cheapest way to get to Al Qudra is by city bus. However, it will take a little longer. Bus 67 flies towards Al-Qudra every two hours. Check the schedule at the bus stop.
If you live closer to downtown Dubai or Deira, take the metro just a few stops and get off at BurJuman station. Then walk to Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road and wait for the bus. The bus stop is right near the entrance of the mosque. Take a picture of the schedule of bus 67 here. The bus has many stops in the city and there may be traffic jams on the way. Already outside the city it goes faster. You pass by a big camel market where everything for raising and raising a camel is sold - fodder, harness, whips. Your stop is Seh as Salam Farm 1, which is in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing but sands all around. The bike center itself is 150 meters away, on a big traffic circle. If you don't miss the stop, you won't get lost.

Can I pay by cash or card on public transportation?

The most important thing about bus travel is the method of payment. Whether you are going out of town or coming back into town, you need to have a valid ticket for local transportation. The driver does not accept money, bills, cards and will not be able to sell you a ticket. You can buy a ticket at any subway ticket office. You can buy a ticket for one day. If you forget to buy a ticket, you will not leave the desert after your trip, as there are no vending machines in the middle of the desert.

Will you be able to run at Al Qudra?

Yes, it is possible to run on the Al Qudra track.

Is the bike path in Al Qudra a free zone?

Since the trail is clean and free of traffic, you can safely plan your day in Al Qudra. There are only restrooms, gas stations, bike stores and supermarkets on the trails.

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