Time in Dubai

Terms of use

Advantages of delivery by our company

  1. Delivery is carried out at a convenient time for the client.
  2. In addition to delivery, we also pick up аnd take back bicycles for free.
  3. Delivery is carried out to any place in the city of Dubai, including bike trails, hotels, beaches and parks.
  4. In addition, we bring bicycles to other cities of the UAE: - Ajman, - Abu Dhabi.
  5. You can make an order by simply calling us by phone. Our experts will help you to decide on the choice of model, as well as choose the right size for you. If you are in doubt about the choice of size, then we will bring you several options to choose from. We will also discuss the time and place of delivery most convenient for you.
  6. Before delivering an order to you, all our bicycles are thoroughly washed and treated with an antibacterial agent. Additionally, for your safety, all the key mechanisms of the bike are checked. You can be sure that you are getting a completely clean and safe mode of transport from us.
  7. Using a bicycle for riding in Dubai, you will see this city from a different angle. You will visit places that you will never see through the car window. You will touch more closely both the history of this fence and its latest technologies. You will have more opportunities to visit the sights, parks, beaches and museums of this amazing city.

We deliver bicycles for free under certain conditions.

The minimum cost of the order should be:

  • for Dubai: from 300 AED,
  • for Ajman: from 450 AED,
  • for Abu Dhabi: from 600 AED.

Rental Terms

To rent a bike, you need to fill out an application on the website, in which you must indicate: cycling period; cycling start and end date; cycling start time delivery address; and choose the bike that suits you best.

And also indicate the necessary additional accessories that are provided FREE OF CHARGE. After that, we will deliver your order to the place and time specified by you, and upon completion of bicycling, we will take it back. At the order transfer time, you need to provide an identity document.

If necessary, you can extend the bike rental, for this use your personal account.

Payment can be made on the website or upon the order receipt. In the bike early return case, the amount paid is not refundable.

Delivery Terms

Delivery is carried out to the client's address FREE OF CHARGE, provided that the order total amount is at least 150 AED. Your bike will be delivered within an hour from the order confirmation moment. If your order amount is less than 150 Derham, but at the same time you want to use free delivery, you need to indicate more days in the application, while indicating the bike return actual date.

We also deliver on the Al Qudra cycle track. In this case, delivery will be free for any order amount. To do this, you must make an order no later than 22:00 on the bicycling day eve. The next day, your bike will be available on the track at any time from 6:00 to 22:00.