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Al Qudra Bike Tour in Dubai

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Enjoy a bike ride through the Al Qudra desert. 86 kilometers of cycle paths pass through magnificent views. There are all the necessary conditions for a comfortable recuperation and shady areas with pump rooms and sun loungers where you can relax during the hot hours. If you have read brochures about tourist attractions, we can plan your trip together to suit your needs.

From 6 am, duration 3 hours

Russian, English

Carbon road bikes

The company provides equipment for safe driving, transfer (on request), instructor

About the bike tour

The landscapes of the route are especially colorful in the early morning or late afternoon.

Sunrises and sunsets in the desert are different from the city. Because in cities most of the sky is covered by huge skyscrapers. The desert opens up a 360-degree panorama in which you are alone with the sun, which licks the tops of large dunes. The dunes were created by nature hundreds of years ago. And silence is that saving silence that we need in order to meditate, get distracted from the routine and come to our senses after work. Fix the camera on a bicycle helmet or bicycle and shoot a commemorative film.

In the desert, we often meet graceful desert animals. This region is inhabited by at least 12 representatives of the fauna of the wild world:

There are special places for stops where you can take a photo or ride on the kings of the desert - camels. An interesting fact: it is enough for camels to drink water only once a week or two to live.


In addition to beautiful views and new acquaintances, you will have the opportunity to see some attractions. They are located right next to the highway or its branches:


What bike to rent?

Our company Bikepark offers you a wide range of carbon road bikes with various speed schemes, pedals and accessories adapted to such conditions. A participant of any age and gender will choose a convenient transport for himself.

  1. The advantage of carbon road bikes is that they reflect heat, which means that you will be spared the additional inconvenience due to high temperatures.

  2. Bicycles are lighter than conventional bikes, which will make your ride more comfortable, smoother and faster - you don't need to get used to the transport.

Helpful Hints

You can also rent a bike for individual trips or suggest your own itinerary. For single trips, the entire cycling route is well-navigated, so every tourist will see something interesting. We can also drive exactly to the places that are of interest to you.

It is a very special experience to explore atypical tourist places. Guides will introduce you to the features of attractions, answer all questions in your national language and open up a new Dubai for you. One that few people know about.

So, if you want to get to know Dubai better by bike, choose a route from the available list and send us a request. Our company will pick you up from the hotel, train station or airport (if you suddenly travel with transfers and decide not to waste time) and return you to the same place or to the address you need.

The cost of the trip can be clarified by phone +971 52 845 5628, +7 918 551 12 48.
For legal entities, payment by invoice is possible, payment in rubles is also allowed.